Andrey Koulev

Andrey Koulev is a producer, film director, screen writer and artist. Born in Sofia, he graduated from the National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts with a M.A. in film directing. A member of the selection committee in ‘The International Animation Festival Hiroshima 2012’. Illustrator and designer of various books and magazines. Member of Union of Bulgarian Fine Artists and the Union of Bulgarian Film Makers. Since 2011 he is a program director of the World Festival of Animated Film, Varna.

Animated films

2021‘Moon Fish’ (in production)
2017‘Fishes, Swimmers, Boats’ (co-dir. Dmitry Geller)
2016‘Love with Occasional Showers’ (co-dir. Assia Kovanova)
2012‘The Piano Player’ (co-dir. Assia Kovanova)
2008‘The River’ (series for children)
2003‘Poet and Pegasus’
1997‘The Fool Moon’ (for MTV ‘Minute cinema’)
1996‘Reflection’ (co-directed with Dimitar Kotsev)

Live action shorts

2017‘The Nights of a Lonely Messenger’
2004‘The House’


2021‘The Celestial Mechanics of Kites’ (in production)
2021‘The Man with the Pipe’


2008‘The River’ - season 2 (7 series x 4 min), BNT; Attract Film; Koulev Film Production
2007“The River” - season 1 (7 series x 4 min), BNT;Attract Film; Koulev Film Production
Since 2001A series of animation TV spots and advertisings


2020‘The Celestial Mechanics of Kites’
2020‘Moon Fish’
2019‘The Man with the Pipe’
2016‘Fishes, Swimmers, Boats’
2011‘Pilot Mon Amour’
2011‘The Bearman from the Deep’
2011‘Polar Explorers’
2008‘Suddenly Upside Down’
2008‘The Piano Player’ (co-written with Assia Kovanova)
1997‘Full Moon’
1996‘Reflection’ (co-written with Dimitar Kotsev)


1977‘The Swimming Pool’ (script Hristo Ganev, director Binka Zhelyazkova)


2016Guest Professor at JAI in Changchun, China
2012Selection committee in ‘Hiroshima International Animation Festival 2012’, Japan
2008Master class in animation, ‘Golden Fish’ International Children's Film Festival, Yaroslavl, Russia
2002/3/5/6/8Jury at the ‘Golden Fish’ International Children's Film Festival, Moscow, Russia
2006Master class at animation, Cakovica, Croatia
2006Perspectives for Animated Films 2006, Dresden, Germany
2005Participation at Berlinale Talent Campus, Berlin, Germany


2005Directior of the stage ‘The night of Helver’ by Ingmar Wilkist at the National Theatre ‘Ivan Vazov’, Sofia, Bulgaria.



2021‘THE NORTHERN SLOPE OF THE PENINSULA VARVARA – CHINA’ – Solo exhibition in art gallery RAKURSI, Sofia
2017‘THE SOUTHERN SLOPE OF THE PENINSULA VARVARA – CHINA’ – Solo exhibition in art gallery CHUDO, Varvara
2017‘THE SOUTHERN SLOPE OF THE PENINSULA VARVARA – CHINA’ – Solo exhibition in art gallery URBAN SPACE 2.0, Sofia 
2016‘Black on White’ in Art Depot ‘Red Point Gallery’, Sofia
2015-16‘Authors, Artists’ in Grafit Gallery, Varna and theNational Palace of Culture, Sofia
Since 1990Participation in caricature exhibitions in: Bulgaria, Turkey, Norway, Canada, Italy, Japan, etc…



Since 1990‘Tao Te Ching’ by Lao Dzi
 ‘Shrimp’ by Dimitar Kotzev Shosho
 ’Cuckoo’ by Elin Rahnev
 ‘Edwarda’ by B. Lambovsky
 ‘Selected Epitaphs From The Decline Of The Roman Empire’ by K. Merdjansky
 ‘The Stories Of Olga D.’ by A. Paunov
 ‘Huiku’ by Lyuben Dilov
Since 1990A designer of the posters for the stage play ‘Black Hole’ by G. Stefanovsky and the films ‘The Return Of Don Quixote’, ‘Conversation With Birds’
Since 1989An illustrator of the‘Ah, Maria’ literary magazine, “Power and Wine” the magazine
Since 1985Articles and cartoons for the following newspapers:
 Starshel, Pulse, Continent, 1000 days, Disputes, Culture and many others…