Svetla Ganeva

SVETLA GANEVA is a film director of photography, producer and co-founder of KANCELARIA FILM company.

She graduated from the French High School in Sofia, 1970 and the Institute of Cinematography VGIK, Moscow, 1975. Member of the Union of Bulgarian Filmmakers; A.B.O.; IMAGO.

She has made over 30 feature films and 15 documentaries in Bulgaria and France. For more than 40 years she has been working with the director Anri Koulev and for 20 years with the French director Herve Bale.

She has won prestigious awards for cinematography, including the SBFD Award and the Bulgarian Academy of Film Arts; Cinematography Festival, Popovo as well as a Nomination for 7 d’or 1997, France.

Feature films

2020ONCE UPON A WAR, directed by Anri Koulev
2017THE NIGHTS OF A LONELY MESSENGER, directed by Andrey Kulev
2017MEMORIES OF FEAR, directed by Ivan Pavlov
2012ZAHES, directed by directed by Anri Koulev
2011FRANCOIS RABLE, directed by Herve Bale
2008SMALL TALK, directed by Vladimir Kraev
2006SPARROWS IN OCTOBER, dir. directed by Anri Koulev
2005THE CRY, directed by Herve Bale
2005NOT A BREATH, directed by Galya Kraleva
2005OUR OTHER POSSIBLE LIFE, directed by Rumyana Petkova
2004A LOVE TO HIDE, directed by Christian For
2004THE LAST LORD OF THE BALKANS, dir Michel Favar
2004THE HOUSE, directed by Andrey Kulev
2003THE BIRD, directed by Galya Kraleva
2003LIFE IS SO SHORT, directed by Herve Bale
2002FIELD OF SUFFERING, directed by Hervé Bale
2002MRS. DINOSAUR, dir. directed by Anri Koulev
2001DESTINY AS A RAT, directed by Ivan Pavlov
1999DRAW ME A TOY, directed by Hervé Bale
1997BETWEEN LAND AND SEA, dir. Hervé Bale
1994TALKING TO BIRDS, directed by Rumyana Petkova
1992BURN, BURN LITTLE FIRE, directed by Rumyana Petkova
1991THE PALAVER OF THE MOTHER-IN-LAW, directed by Herve Bale
1990THE FATHER OF THE EGG, directed by Anri Koulev
1987STOP FOR STRANGERS, directed by Ivan Rosenov
1986MURDERS, directed by Veselin Branev
1985LANDING, directed by Rumyanya Petkova
1983POET AND THE DEVIL, directed by Ivan Rosenov
1981REFLECTIONS, directed by Rumyana Petkova
1980THE DEATH OF THE RABBIT, dir. Anri Koulev
1979MAYBE THE FRIGAT, directed by Petar Kaishev


2021THE MAN WITH THE PIPE, directed by Andrey Kulev
2017MARRY IS THE GIPSY LIFE, directed by Lyudmila Zhivkova
2017LET ME SOAR UP IN THE SKY, directed by Galina Kraleva
2015BOOK OF SILENCE, directed by Anri Koulev
2012THE MYSTERY VEDA SLOVENA, directed by Anri Koulev
2007SOULFUL, directed by Anri Koulev
2000A SONG, directed by Roumiana Petkova
1995INTERMEDIATE WORLD, directed by Rumyana Petkova
1985SLOW TIME, directed by Galina Kraleva
1979PEOPLE LIKE US, directed by Vesela Zareva
1978TO LEARN, TO WORK, directed by Lili Usheva


2021TO PUT IT MILDLY (animated feature film in production), directed by Anri Koulev
2021WINTER EVENINGS (animated film in production), directed by Gergana Simeonova
2017ALL SO MUCH HOGWASH (animated film), directed by Anri Koulev
2017MIDNIGHT ELEGY (animated film), directed by Silvia Ivanova