Assia Kovanova

ASSIA KOVANOVA is an animated film director, Illustrator and designer. Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, she graduated from the National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts with a M.A. in animation directing and specialized in Film & TV Cinematography. Conducted a series of lectures on animation design in the Varna Free University, Bulgaria. Illustrator and designer of various books and magazines. Member of ASIFA and the Union of Bulgarian Film Makers. Since 2011 she is an art director and design manager of the World Festival of Animated Film – Varna.

Animated films

2021Weeds' Gardener (in production)
2019Paper Kite
2016Love with Occasional Showers (co-dir. AndreyKoulev)
2012The Piano Player (co-dir. AndreyKoulev)
2003Extazy (co-directedwithIvan Stoyanovich)
1999Concentration (co-directedwithIvan Stoyanovich)


Since 2001Animation TV shorts for ‘MANUSCCRIPT’, Bulgarian National TV
 Animation TV spot for ‘MARTA’S SHOW’, Bulgarian National TV
 Animation TV shorts for ‘THE LITTLE BIG READ’, BBC; Bulgarian National TV
 TV advertising of Novinar Newspaper
 Animation TV shorts for ‘20TH CENTURY – BULGARIAN DOINGS’, Bulgarian National TV
 Animation TV shorts for ‘THE BIG READ’, BBC; Bulgarian National TV
 Five short animation films about the Health reform, Bulgarian National TV
 Three short animation films about Student TV Program, Nova TV
 A series of animation TV spots and advertisings, game design etc.


2019‘Weeds’ Gardener’
2013‘No Way’ (co-written with Ivan Stoyanovich)
2011‘The Bearman from the Deep’ (co-written with Andrey Koulev)
2011‘Polar Explorers’ (in progress, co-written with Andrey Koulev)
2008‘The Piano Player’ (co-written with Andrey Koulev)
1999‘Concentration’ (co-written with Ivan Stoyanovich)


2020One Man Poster Exhibition in FCC, Varna
2016‘Black on White’ Exhibition in Art Depot, Red Point Gallery, Sofia
2015-16‘Authors, Artists’ in Grafit Gallery, Varna and in The National Palace of Culture, Sofia
2005‘Little Season’ Fine Art Exhibition, Sfumato Theatre, Sofia
2005‘Genesis’ Sculpture Exhibition and Video Art inThe National Public Gallery, Sofia

Graphic design and illustration

2021Poster of MONSTRINHA Animation Festival, Lisbon, Portugal
2021‘IVAN VESSELINOV Grotesques & Caricatures’ fine art album
Since 2011Visual concept of World Festival of Animated Film, Varna
2010Design of newspaper “Novinar”
Since 2008An illustrator and designer of books:
 ‘Orient SEXpress’ aquarelles album by Anri Koulev
 ‘It Flies, Flies… An Elephant’ by Krastyu Pastuhov and Sevdalin Genov
 ‘We, the Sparrows’ a book illustrated by children, project of ‘Hug Me’ society
 ‘The Gipson Archive’a photo album by Ivo Hadjimishev
 ‘Tao Te Ching’ by Lao Dzi
 ‘Shrimp’ by Dimitar Kotzev Shosho
 ‘Cuckoo’ by Elin Rahnev
 ‘Always The Night’ by Todor Todorov
 Collection ‘Aquarium Medditerranean’
 ‘Elle, par Bonheur et toujours nue’by Guy Goffette
 ’The   Only Witness to Beauty’ by Miro Gavran
 ’Los girasoles ciegos’ by Alberto Méndez
 ’Leave some cake for us too, Mr. Kafka’ by Panos Stathogiannes
 ’The Origin’ by Vildan Çetin
 ’La Kryptonite nella borsa’ by Ivan Cotroneo
 ‘le Rapport Gabriel’ by Jean D’Ormesson
 ‘Huiku’ by Lyuben Dilov-son
 ‘Impossible Portraits’ by Antoaneta Bachurova 
Sinse 2013A designer of ‘KINO’ magazine
Since 2009A designer of ‘Ah, Maria’ literary magazine
2008/10A designer of ‘Power and Wine’life style magazine